California Woman Claims Meth-Laced Breast Milk Not Cause of Her Baby's Death - page 3

"Drug addicted mother charged with child endangerment, murder"... Read More

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    Sadly, This problem is so much more prevalent than we are told. My nice was also born from a meth addicted mother and was removed from her Bio mom at is heartbreaking to see what these children face not only the addiction but the entire process of being placed in foster care and the congenital defects that can occur. As it stands now the rights of the addicted mother are far more important than the rights of the unborn child they continue to expose to the drugs, so they can give birth to the baby and give it up or lose it, and then turn around and literally do it again over and over ...her reproductive rights are more important....they do a little jail time and next year again they are pregnant and giving birth to another addicted baby. I do wonder at what point is giving birth to several addicted babies enough for the state to stop them and say no more please sterilize. My niece is one of 6 children born to this one bio mom and all were addicted according to the state agency..dont know the actual details.
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