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    Wow, regularly obese people are out, yet morbidly obese people are free to apply?? I totally get that disabled people should not be discriminated against, but this just seems weird to me.
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    And when they can't find enough qualified applicants who meet their rather narrow requirements, since even the article states that over 60% of the general population would be inelgible for hire, what will they do to make up for the short staffing? Oh wait, as long as thier staff "looks" good who cares if they are run ragged and patient care suffers.

    What's next, "sorry we can't hired you because our patients only prefer people with certain facial features"?
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    Quote from Purple_Scrubs
    ... So they are going to try and pin this on customer service? Bowing to the "expectations" of the clients?...
    My feeling exactly when I read this.

    Just a little disingenuous???

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