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the email and arizona state board of nursing casethis is a (must read) e-mail that was passed to me from echo heron. @echoheronauthor hello ms. heron, my name is amanda trujillo. i'm a registered... Read More

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    The governor is Jan Brewer. She is republican. The US representative who got shot is Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat. She resigned. Neither person has the power to intervene in a case like this. The BON is an unelected regulatory body. In CA, its part of the dept of consumer affairs, its probably similar in AZ. They have virtually no oversight and can persecute nurses without any form of due process. Abuses like this are actually common.
    Quote from MAISY, RN-ER
    The Board of Nursing is a disgrace, as is the hospital......patient advocacy is everyone's job. Where is the hospital ethics committee? Where are the ethics in this state.....PERIOD? I would've behaved in exactly the same way and have had situations involving physicians and hospice/palliative care that were similar. The patient has the right to ALWAYS know their options......hope this doctor can live with himself....the Board of Nursing needs to be voted out.....where is the Governor? Isn't she the one that was shot in the head? If so, a neurosurgeon may have operated on her but her nurses and the nursing staff is what kept her alive.....hope she doesn't forget that!Good Luck Amanda...
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    Are the medical boards like this, as well? No oversight or due process? Why do I not think that is the way doctors are treated by their state boards of medicine?

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN,CCRN
    somewhere in the PACNW
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    Dearest Amanda RN
    What you did was 100% right and I as well as every other good caring Nurse would have done the same. I was sad to read in your letter that you felt your career was over because I don't believe that at all. You must continue to reach out to us and let us know whats going on and how we can help. You will win this battle if you do not quit although it may take some time. I had a personal similar experience (non nursing) where I was also done wrong and it has taken me ten yrs but I am finally seeing the rewards of all my hard work and perseverence and boy are they sorry lol I am also seeing it financially (more money than I could make in 20 yrs as a nurse). So you stay vocal and I mean NEVER shut up for all of us and we'll keep watch as to your progress. Praying 4 U also...your going to be just fine
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    So, they are appointed. Hence, SOMEONE appointed them. If it can be proved there is a confict of interest, or the appearence of one, they should be (able) to be removed. I do think Amanda has pointed out that there is a relationship between the firing DON or staff ed person, and the Bon. I wonder if the FBI would consider this whole mess to be collusion.
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    The governor is Jan Brewer. She is republican. The US representative who got shot is Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat. She resigned. Neither person has the power to intervene in a case like this. The BON is an unelected regulatory body. In CA, its part of the dept of consumer affairs, its probably similar in AZ. They have virtually no oversight and can persecute nurses without any form of due process. Abuses like this are actually common.
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    This is the story of Nurse Amanda Trujillo. Briefly, she is a single mom who fought to get off welfare and fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse. Not only did she become a nurse, she earned a masters and doctorate degree in nursing.

    One night while working at Banner Health in Arizona, she took care of a patient who was being asked to undergo a liver transplant. In talking to the patient, Amanda learned that the patient did not fully understand what was going to occur. Amanda educated the patient. She explained the option of hospice instead. The patient decided against the transplant. Then the physician came in, had a well-witnessed tantrum at the hospital when he found out his patient had decided against surgery, and Amanda was fired by the hospital.
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    Quote from morte
    I am sure you are correct, ie "follow the money"! How many of the nursing board are married to/related to docs? My real big question is why the state nursing association is not behind her? and why did the senator back off? what the h-ll pull does this doc have?
    I find it very hard to believe that one doctor and/or one hospital is so powerful. I think there is a LOT more to this story but the only version of events we're hearing are Ms. Trujillo's. Every other entity involved is bound by confidentially rules as they should be.
    Quote from gypsyd8
    Reply to Hampter 320 (not intended as a flame) As I said on another forum....She is an APRN, a primary care provider in her own right. She doesn't need to ask the physicians permission
    Quote from kcmylorn
    Does that MD doctor understand these initials after that Nurse's name- DNS. AND an NP to boot. [Amanda Lucia Trujillo MSN, RN, DNSc-NP(s)]

    In my state she can order, write and sign prescriptions and expect that they will be filled.
    Ms. Trujillo is an APRN student.
    The way she's 'signed' her name makes it easy to over look and, to be honest, makes me a little suspicious.
    Regardless, the scope of APRNs working as staff nurses are limited to that role, they aren't allowed to write orders on their patients just because they can.

    Quote from KelRN215
    She is listed on the Arizona BON website, which confirms that her license is under investigation as of January 24:
    Online Verfication Details
    The verification also shows she SELF reported (something) in April 2011, there is no mention of the hospital or anyone else making a complaint.
    Quote from WoosahRN
    The AZ BON is not known for being on the nurse's side
    NO BoN is on the nurses "side", they exist to protect the public.

    I don't believe in blindly supporting anyone just because they are a <insert word>. There is a helluva lot more to this story than any of us are privy to.
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    I think we should raise some hell about this.
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    There is a long, ongoing thread regarding this.
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    Quote from NDXUFan
    I think we should raise some hell about this.
    I think she went about it wrong. Even so, she might have been written up, but the crap she has had to go through has been ridiculous.
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    she was advocating for the pt .i wish her well.
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    To Hampter320

    I could have typed your post. I agree with you word for word. It totally stinks that she's getting burned for what she thought was the right thing to do. I think (just my personal opinion) that she probably got caught up in her patient's story and overstepped her bounds. And honestly that bit about she didn't know she couldn't order a case management consult. It's her JOB to know what he scope is in the hospital she works in. If they have stupid policies saying nurses can't order case management consults (which is dumb) then that's what the rule is. And the whole thing about "what's the nurse order check box there for if you can't use it" come on. That's just a cop out. I have one of those on my orders too and it's for when you receive a telephone order AFTER the doctor tells you can put an order in after it's written down and read back. To play dumb like that doesn't help her case. And I don't really think she's that dumb (and I'm NOT calling her dumb so please don't say I'm calling her names) I just don't think that is a wise move to play because they are only going to burn her for it. A patient deciding to cancel a surgery that is hours away is a HUGE deal. Totally the patient's right but I would call a doc and give them a heads up on that one. Even in the night. That is just a good working relationship. If they get mad at you for calling in the middle of the night hey sorry...thought you would want to know about this one since your entire medical plan of care is about to change. Thanks for your post.
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    Also..kind of as an really concerns me the number of people who keep making comments about how she was an MSN, she was an NP she had the right to do x,y,z. Are these really nurses that are asking these questions or what?

    I am an RN and a staff nurse. That is my capacity. I am responsible to know my capacity and work within the stope of my practice. This is basic. When I was in nursing school I worked as a tech. When I passed my boards and became an RN I was moving overseas within 4 months and the hospital I worked at was nice enough to let me continue to work as a tech so I keep my job until I moved. My manager sat me down and had a "talk" with me to remind me that even though I was an RN I was employed at the hospital as a tech. She made it clear that if any of the nurses put me in the situation of asking me to run a med in for them or anything like that I was supposed to tell them that she told me I could not and come to her if it was an issue. I was not employed as an RN, I was not oriented and signed off as an RN and I was not to work in the capacity of an RN. The fact that I had a license was irrelevant as far as inside the walls of that hospital was concerned.

    It scares me that people question this and it makes me wonder if this may not be where lines got gray for her and she accidentally stepped over that line. But seriously do people really not understand working with in your scope/capacity at a facility. Those kind of comments make me think:
    1. People really don't understand that (scary)
    2. People aren't nurses that are making those comments so they truly didn't learn that (I hope it's this one)
    3. People are making any kind of argument just because as another poster said they are sticking up for her because she's a nurse. We don't make our profession credible or stronger if we can't be critical of ourselves.
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