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the email and arizona state board of nursing casethis is a (must read) e-mail that was passed to me from echo heron. @echoheronauthor hello ms. heron, my name is amanda trujillo. i'm a registered... Read More

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    Quote from LynnLRN
    It doesn't make sense for a masters prepared RN to be working as a staff RN. I searched Arizona State BON and her name does not exist for a license and I typed in her license number and it doesn't exist either. Where is all this information coming from? I almost wonder if it's a scam for them to make money.
    She is listed on the Arizona BON website, which confirms that her license is under investigation as of January 24:
    Online Verfication Details

    I work with people who have masters degrees and are still working as staff RNs. It takes some time to find an NP job. Plus, just because she has the degree doesn't mean she has the advanced practice license. Per her own signature, she is an NP-DNP student.
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    Quote from LynnLRN
    It doesn't make sense for a masters prepared RN to be working as a staff RN.
    *** On the contrary it is very common and normal for masters prepared RNs to be working as bedside nurses. Many of them are not trained to do anything else. There are many staff RNs in my hosoital who have MSNs, some of them were direct entry grads and have no training except basic nursing. Others are NPs or CNS but choose not to take the pay cut that advanced practice would mean. In our ICU of 56 RNs I would guess that there are 15 or so who have MSNs. This is true for all the hospital I have worked in.
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    Certainly, most of you have heard or seeing this on the news, regarding a Arizona Nurse getting her license threatened by a doctor and lastly,Fired from Banner hospital. A Banner hospital doctor allegedly, has her license threatened for providing patient education. However, the latest news was that she was fired from Banner hospital. Admittedly, I'm at a lost for words regarding this incident, although not surprised by the treatment that we nurses have to endure at times. I read this and felt the need to share.

    January 22, 2012 by the Nerdy Nurse.There are times in my nursing career when I am so very proud of how far we have come in advancing our profession. Unfortunately, there are also times where I am reminded that this is still very much an uphill climb we must make in order to legitimately participate in truly collaborative healthcare. Today is one of those days in which I am reminded we still have battles to win. The following blog post is related to an email that was originally sent to @EchoHeronAuthor. It was then posted on Vernon Dutton's Posterous, Amanda Trujillo case will go before the Arizona State Board of Nursing on January 24th, 2012.
    Her story is one of an archaic medical model in which the doctor's word is supreme and we are all just nurse maids here to do their bidding. This is an indication that there are many who do not wish to continue to advance toward collaborative healthcare in which we work as a team to provide patients with the best care possible. This is also an example of persons who may not be in medicine for the right reasons.
    Success in healthcare is not defined by how many treatments and tests you can perform on a patient. Success is defined by the ability to help a patient make informed decisions on their path in health an life. If that path includes surgery, then so be it. If that path does not, and we have informed the patient of all the options and they are capable of making an informed and rational decision, then we have been successful.
    I'm really disgusted that a healthcare organization would bow to the tantrum of one very arrogant and immature physician. If there was one example of a surgeon with a God-Complex, this is one.
    I encourage you to read the email and case below and to reach out to Amanda Trujillo (@FYRHONEYBSN on twitter) to show her your support. We need patient advocates like her to take care of us. Do you want your loved ones to have the right of choice in their healthcare stripped away from them by a detached physician?
    You can also email the Arizona State Board of Nursing and let them know you are following Ms. Trujillo's case:

    Below you'll find the link if you like to read in more addition, what has happened to this nurse and her family in the course of this ordeal...
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    Dr Thaddeus Pope, who has a blog I follow daily, posted this today.

    Medical Futility Blog
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    This was brought up a couple of days ago........shocking!!!!
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    Amanda should have gone public with this story from the get go, and let the public know how their safety is threatened. Public opinion is very powerful. Teachers do it all the time and get their story out to the public for support.

    Call CNN, as well as local media. Dr. Gupta should be a good ally!

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN,CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    wow, a psych eval? seriously?

    she stayed within her scope. Education is part of our scope and anytime there is question regarding a surgical procedure it is the surgeon's responsibility to provide that informed consent. She was advocating for her patient.
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    i do not know if this hospital has union, but this is a gleaming reason why there needs to be one. it makes the hospital follow its own policies and procedures for disciplinary actions. the unions are not all about the money, but far treatment, patient safety and rights. i wonder why there was a need for a physic evaluation. or was it a ploy to slander her further.
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    GitanoRN: Thank you for this post and the link to NerdyNurse which makes donating so EASY. Nurses, unite. Let's take care of Amanda's
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    I think there's another thread about this.

    Regardless, I'm very skeptical of a story that has so far only appeared on a blog and facebook. Have any news organizations picked up on this?
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