Arizona Nurse's License Threatened by Doctor After Providing pt education - page 19

the email and arizona state board of nursing casethis is a (must read) e-mail that was passed to me from echo heron. @echoheronauthor hello ms. heron, my name is amanda trujillo. iím a registered nurse of six years ,... Read More

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    I read it- still dont understand the finalization. What happened to her, Does she have her license back?

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    Quote from Carrollrn
    I read it- still dont understand the finalization. What happened to her, Does she have her license back?
    What happened begins on page 7. Her license is on probation for 12 months.
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    Quote from Woodenpug
    For what it's worth. The matter has been finalized. Follow this link.
    Thanks woodenpug for the update!

    After reading this info, this nurse had SEVERAL issues concerning her nursing practice. As nurses, sometimes we believe what we do is "just" or "right." Sometimes within that school of though, we are either coming close to overreaching or breaching our license.

    Although we still don't know what really happened-as far as she denies each occurrence of violations against her-this document is interesting in the fact that she is able to keep her license. I hope that the nurse will take the necessary steps in regaining her license. For me, if it looks, feels, smells like an potential ethical conflict, I'm getting them on board, after using the necessary channels. Any one of us can one day we are "doing the best for our pts." and then be in front of the BON for our licenses...It makes me want to be a fly on the wall on each if these violations. Did she think she was doing what's right, there was nothing wrong, etc. *shrugs* I just want to understand THE TRUTH. Either way, I will keep myself updated on my BON regulations, and keep myself updated on ethical matters. Certainly a teachable moment for this nurse (and maybe, hopefully, for others that may need it...if the violations are true)
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    Thanks for the update.
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    interesting....thanks for the update!
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    Do you all believe that this nurse had professional boundary issues in general?
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    I believe she has multiple issues...
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    Quote from tewdles
    Do you all believe that this nurse had professional boundary issues in general?
    Apparently.....She had a ton of issues
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    I covered the case very early on and originally supported her. But after having many conversations with her and experiencing her being less than honest, I have trouble believing much of anything she says.

    In her original letter that was posted she stated multiple times that the patient was being evaluated for a liver transplant when in reality it couldn't be further from the truth.

    In fact the physician who "threw a hissy fit" at the nurse's station was actually a GI specialist and she didn't even know who he was. I asked her about that and she said "I thought was was visiting from across the stress, I didn't know who he was." She took a tiny detail from the patient's medical record and apparently pestered the patient for hours starting at 1am.

    I do think she thought that she would "doing the right thing" for the patient, but I think she was totally offbase on what she felt was the patient's problem.

    What's even more bothersome is to read her blog talking about her personal trainer, SUV, ipods, and other expensive items while in other places she is telling everyone she has no money. She got at least $1200 in donations to her legal fund alone, and that was while I was managing it.

    I really hate that I was involved at all in her train wreck in social media.
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    I read this story originally here on AN and on several Nurse Blogs when the only info out there was this nurse's side of the story... the hospital and the AZ BON were, rightfully so, rather silent on the matter. Once I started searching more and read the link on NotNurseRatched's blog to the actual charges against the nurse, the story started to seem stranger and stranger. This nurse has A LOT of issues.

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