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the email and arizona state board of nursing casethis is a (must read) e-mail that was passed to me from echo heron. @echoheronauthor hello ms. heron, my name is amanda trujillo. i'm a registered nurse of six years ,... Read More

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    Did everyone see that the AZ BON is holding a special session tommorow, Saturday Feb. 11...... It looks like they may be discussing the ordered psych eval....

    Per the posted agenda, item 2 of the 4 item agenda is:
    Board Reports for Discussion, Information, Staff Direction and/or DecisionA. Executive Director’s Report – Joey Ridenour
    1. a.) Discussion & Decision on 2012 Legislative matters related to nursing regulation – Greg Harris
    Legislation to address the Auditors' findings; specifically related to the Executive Directorhaving delegated authority to order evaluations.
    b.) Update on other Potential/Pending 2012 Legislative Bills Pending & Board Direction
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    I hope the Az BON will stand up for the RN's right to do patient teaching. There's alot riding on their decision not only for the involved nurse but for the future of all RN's and of advanced practice nursing. If this doctor wins by board decision, what is the sense of getting an advanced practice degree on nursing.?
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    We believe this has to do with the board making nurses do psych evals AND pay for them!
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    I hope the BON has the doctor under go a psych eval also. To find out by the doctor is a pompus arse.

    I also think the BON should investigate that "NURSE"(?) manager who should be ordered to give an explaination of their comment (and of what relevence) "you messed up the doctors work?"
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    I work in AZ and at one of the facilities of the organization mentioned in the story. The AZ BON is not known for being on the nurse's side and sadly, as I read all the details, this sounds about right. I'm sure there are some instances where people have good experiences with the BON and we only hear about the bad but overall it seems that nurses are assumed guilty before innocent. Without going into details (so as to not be identified and not wanting to hijack the thread), I witnessed a coworker go through something eerily similar (had to do with equipment setup that was determined to be incorrect but also determined to have not caused any harm to the patient nor did it chang any aspect of the patient's outcome). In both of these cases, it has to do more with the people reporting it than the board. Management and a facility can spin things any way they want in order to justify firing an employee and it's the board's job to filter through what is real and what is not. What I don't understand is why any nurse being investigated is not afforded the right to a speedy "trial". Because of the incident with my coworker (as well as many other things seen and experienced), I got license insurance (which I know will only do so much) and I keep a record of interactions I have with management. Another coworker does audiorecordings of interactions with management. Sad that we are expected to perfom perfectly and still are not able to have anyone advocate for us. AZ is a right to work state without unions.

    I just heard about this story but I will be supporting her as she goes through her ordeal. I can only imagine what her life has been like the last 8 months. She is living our nightmare and it is unacceptable that this should happen.
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    My goodness this is a really bad and unacceptable situation. The nurse in question was only doing her job. You have a duty as an RN to uncover a patient's real understanding of any proposed treatment or diagnostic tests, including the risks of having, not having, and any available alternatives. I find it reprehensible that nursing boards insist these types of clinical situations are included in our entry to practice education now and yet don't back up the nurse when he or she does his or her job. Like why bother for the future? That's exactly what's going to happen, nurses are going to start turning a blind eye to uninformed consent out of fear of stepping on a physician's toes and retaliation. Hospitals are sick places too. My nurse managers didn't really do anything to discipline a doc when he and I had a run in, he was decidedly in the wrong, and he has a long history of causing messes, fighting with nurses, rude to patients, etc. etc.

    I really hate that physicians look out for each other and it takes a truck load of negligent care before a medical board will even consider discipline but yet nursing boards are so quick to go the guilty until innocent route. Shameful, just shameful.
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    Any updates on the outcome of this?
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    The Board of Nursing is a disgrace, as is the hospital......patient advocacy is everyone's job. Where is the hospital ethics committee? Where are the ethics in this state.....PERIOD? I would've behaved in exactly the same way and have had situations involving physicians and hospice/palliative care that were similar.

    The patient has the right to ALWAYS know their options......hope this doctor can live with himself....the Board of Nursing needs to be voted out.....where is the Governor? Isn't she the one that was shot in the head? If so, a neurosurgeon may have operated on her but her nurses and the nursing staff is what kept her alive.....hope she doesn't forget that!

    Good Luck Amanda...
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