Another Bit Of "Old' New York City Healthcare Dies - Lascoff Pharmacy Closes

  1. Was walking down Lexington Avenue this evening and noticed Lascoff Pharmacy's windows were empty and the interior gutted. A quick "Google" check confirmed the place has closed, the last day was 13 July 2012. New owner wants nothing left of the old place so they are stripping and throwing all away. Well whatever was not taken, sold off or otherwise disposed of by the Lascoff family before closing.

    Lascoff's opened in 1899, and was IIRC the last compounding pharmacy in Manhattan if not NYC. They billed themselves as an apothecary not a drug store and were the first licensed pharmacy in the state.

    Heard they had a 50% off sale (the store also sold various European soaps, scents, etc...) and by the last days the shelves were empty. Again not sure if stock was simply sold off and or taken by the family for use elsewhere.

    Lascoff's was probably one of the last bits of the "old" Upper East Side of Manhattan. Physicans from Fifth, Madison, and Park Avenues not to mention the famous area hospitals (Lennox Hill, Mount Sinai, NYP) sent their patients past and present there.
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