Abbott spinoff CEO Gonzalez (it turns out) does not have a college degree Abbott spinoff CEO Gonzalez (it turns out) does not have a college degree | allnurses

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Abbott spinoff CEO Gonzalez (it turns out) does not have a college degree

  1. 0 Interestingly, now Abbott downplays this little resume issue as a clerical error. Seems this guy musta lied decades ago, since he's worked there for a few. His credentials are what helps allow Abbott to have approvals in certain filings and the support of shareholders and all that time it was a lie.

    And nurses are forced to BSN-only hire situations? Hey he's not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs -- not making a handy little computer or phone-thingy for us all to play with. He's been responsible for a pharmaceutical company. One of the largest in the world. Successful businessman or not, I'd be PO'd if I was facing downsizing (coming soon for the split), especially if I was fretting about not having a masters in Bio-chem putting me on the chopping block. Did he even pass chem 100?,4324277.story
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    If they are gonna keep him on, maybe they are making him finish his degree as a requirement.
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    A "degree" has nothing to do with competency. I have a bachelors in mechanical engineering, an ADN in nursing, and my best friend has a diploma in nursing. We run our place. A lot of what we do is simply having people skills.

    Our step-down unit is run by a nurse with a "doctorate" from Nova University, an online joint. She demands that her nurses take a bp on AFIB patients using a stethoscope ONLY because she found an article in a nursing journal from 1996 that declared it more accurate.

    We use the machines in ICU and ER and the rest of the 250 bed hospital. But our "doctor-nurse" is waving her finger at us. Fool.