AAP gives new guidance on the issue of parental consent

  1. 3 july 25, 2011-[color=#004276]new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics (aap) provide guidance when parental consent is not readily available or unnecessary, or when parental refusal of consent could harm the child. the policy statement, entitled "consent for emergency medical services for children and adolescents," was reported online july 25 and will appear in the august issue of pediatrics.
    "parental consent generally is required for the medical evaluation and treatment of minor children," write paul e. sirbaugh, do, and douglas s. diekema, md, mph, from the committee on pediatric emergency medicine and committee on bioethics. "however, children and adolescents might require evaluation of and treatment for emergency medical conditions in situations in which a parent or legal guardian is not available to provide consent or conditions under which an adolescent patient might possess the legal authority to provide consent. in general, a medical screening examination and any medical care necessary and likely to prevent imminent and significant harm to the pediatric patient with an emergency medical condition should not be withheld or delayed because of problems obtaining consent."

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