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9 year old girl gives birth in Mexico! - page 2

I'm not an OB nurse by any means but this can't be too common, right? I remember there being a pregnant girl in my 8th grade class but nothing else before high school. I hope they find out the... Read More

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    Good lord. I can understand, if you don't have a birth certificate for the child, maybe not remembering her exact birthdate. But to be off by 3-4 YEARS? "Uh, I dunno, I think she's around 9." To what benefit would the parents lie about the child's age, making her YOUNGER?
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    Frequently when younger girls are impregnated its someone close to/in the home. Unfortunately, it happens here too, more often than you'd think.
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    Quote from LadyFree28
    Yup. Even with awareness, it seems as if its still a pushback to sweep it underneath the rug...

    They are looking for the guy in Mexico...it's going to be really unfortunate if vigilantes catch up with him..

    Eh, personally I don't see a problem with vigilante justice for a d-bag who got a child pregnant...
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    For those that think this sort of thing does not go on in the United States we now have this sad story:
    Houston man accused of repeatedly raping girl, 11, who delivered baby this week - The Washington Post
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    Another one...of many :sad: