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Cute article about an 81 year old nurse...probably runs circles around the others haha. Im gonna be retired on a beach with a pina colada at that age!... Read More

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    Quote from tewdles
    Okay...so be angry with the person who lied to you about the "nursing shortage" and convinced you to go to nursing school.

    Do not be angry with the old nurse who continues to work.
    No anger with the old nurse who continues to work. Rather disappointment with any nurse who malingers on light duty, increases workload of others, does not pull her/his own weight, but refuses to throw in the towel because direct deposit hits every 2 weeks. Its obvious who is in it purely for the money.
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    Don't knock it. Our 76yo wundernurse picks up OT (we have strange contracts up here). Her rate? $101/hr.
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    My guess if she picks up OT, she is not on light duty?
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    Our contracts permit anyone to pick up OT. They want a warm body with a practice permit on the floor.
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    Well if you can work, then do, but if you cant, time to go
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    We are all suffering in this economy. Do not blame the older nurses for your situation. There are many older people who have been laid off in many positions who are not able to compete with the young graduates-- everyone is suffering. Let's not attack one age group over the other.
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    can the nurse still perform her duties well??

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