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Cute article about an 81 year old nurse...probably runs circles around the others haha. Im gonna be retired on a beach with a pina colada at that age!... Read More

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    I assume if you can do the job, you will, but when you cant at 70 plus , then you shouldnt.
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    At fifty years old I am in a BSN program and will grad 12, 2012. I have a 30 year old some teenagers and a six year old, I just went motorcross riding today, complete with jumps! When I get a job as a nurse I not only am going to be new and fresh, I also have a life time of varied experiences to offer my patients and I am grounded in my feelings, knowledge, spirituality.
    I recnetly had a day in the OR with an OR nurse that was in her 70's. She was very knowledgeable, everyone loved her that she was working with and spoke highly of her when she wasnt around.....she ran arouns so fast I had a hard time keeping up! She was very inspiring and I hope I can be as good as her!
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    I really think you missed my point completely..if you can sprint at 70, kudos, but if you can barely walk and show up for a paycheck just because of age discrimination, its really time to hang up the hat, seriously. I hope you enjoy the profession and return to this blog in 20 years to post how well its going for you. I hope you have better luck than the new grads in todays job market. Lots of loans and fewer jobs. I really feel sorry for them
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    To nurse age 58: good luck about getting a job. I graduated from a respected nursing school as an RN at age 56. I am unable to find a job as new grad in So Cal, but if you are spanish speaking or filipino will have no problem, Will have three-four jobs waiting for you before graduation.
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    Quote from looking for work
    I assume if you can do the job, you will, but when you cant at 70 plus , then you shouldnt.
    I could sub in any age and that remains a true statement. It's not an age issue, despite your insistence to the contrary.
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    You must have misunderstood my post. I wasnt talking about you, I was talking about an aged c0-worker who was entirely too debilitated to perform her job duties at 70 plus, but was continuing to work on light duty, and increasing the workload of everyone else. SHe was basically just answering phones while others took on her nursing tasks
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    Quote from looking for work
    I would rather have a fresh, newer nurse taking care of me, than one at the ripe old age of 81.
    Wow, not me. I'd rather have the nurse with the experience to notice and respond to a change in my condition that a newer nurse might miss. Furthermore, I would WANT that experienced nurse on staff to impart her wisdom to all the newer nurses so that someday they can learn from her and be safe, experienced nurses. Just because someone can no longer pull up a patient without assistance or sprint from one end of the floor to the other does not mean they do not have much to offer. A good unit needs a mix of experience and "freshness", as you put it.
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    Actually, I agree with most of what you say. There are many places now that have a dangerous number of new nurses. There does need to be a balance. I have found though, that the demands of this profession have made it very difficult for the 70 and 80 year old nurses to continue on . When there was such a time that staffing was not bare bones, (before my time) it may have been possible for nurses to cover for those less able. Nurses today have a full plate that is overflowing on all sides. Sometimes, giving 100% is not enough anymore. My grandma coded once at a SNF, and wound up on a ventilator because the 68 yr old nurse forgot how to do chest compressions. An EMT pointed it out. She wasnt even CPR current.
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    Quote from looking for work
    The demands of the nursing field are becoming greater each day and each year. If you want to work well into your 70's go work at a hallmark store and get some of these new grads in the door. I would rather have a fresh, newer nurse taking care of me, than one at the ripe old age of 81. If you really have to work, then work I guess. But a person with full social security and a generous government pension doesnt need to be stepping on the feet of other nurses when she is on light duty and cant handle the job. Every time I went to that job, I was saying RETIRE ALREADY under my breath of course.
    So that's what it boils down to. "Get outta my way, Grandma! I want your job!"

    And they say nurses eat their young. Time and time again, I see the young eating the old. Every day that ticks by, BTW, you are aging. One day you'll be an older nurse in the shark-infested waters of the workplace. You'd better hope someone has your back. At the rate you're going, you're going to end up being chum.
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    Not really sure what to think as you personally attack me. I did not personally attack anyone. I'll reiterate...when you are well into your 70's, must be on light duty, expect all other nurses to pick up your tasks when they have their own, a wise person would throw in the hat, and find a light duty job. This co-worker of mine had full SS, a government pension, and no desire to actually work. She wasnt even the slightest bit friendly to staff, patients, or their families. This is the type of nonsense that has become a grind. A bitter nurse, no friends, no family, no hobbies. I have left the nursing field, in case you didnt see my other posts. Best decision I made.
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