Will a pending municipal ordinance violation (stealing) show up on a background check

  1. I accepted a job offer 3 months ago and will start in about a month. A few weeks ago I made a stupid, stupid mistake and was arrested for taking a charger ($30) from Wal-Mart. The charge is a 'municipal ordinance violation' and my lawyer said since it's my first time and my only offense that we can get it lessened to littering or something else.
    However, I am now starting to fill out paperwork and things for my new job. Will they now do the background check? If so, will a pending municipal charge (this is not a conviction) show up? I know I'm "innocent until proven guilty" but I want to know if my offer is going to be revoked since their paperwork states "offer is contingent to background check, drug test, etc." The charge is not in the online database (Casenet) and my lawyer says it never will be because this city doesn't report municipal violations to Casenet.
    I know I messed up and I know how stupid I was, but I'd really appreciate any information. Thank you.
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  3. by   JZ_RN
    Maybe not but if you get a conviction the board will find out.