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    I recently got a DUAC - 1st offense, lesser charge of a DUI, last month on my own personal time when I was not working anymore in home health. I self-reported to BON and enrolled in RPP. I have always been in good standing and never been in trouble with the law. This was very unprofessional on my part and humiliating. I am still waiting to hear from the BON, but feel its going to take a while why they "figure out if I violated the Nurse Practice ACt." Mind you that the DUI was on my OWN personal time at 2300 at night.... dont think i should be penalized like diverters and RNs who drink on the job... etc.... any advice would be appreciated!

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    Moved to nursing license with a criminal history forum to elicit further response. Please note that this is a moderated forum and all messages must be reviewed before appearing in public view
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    What was the outcome?

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