Reporting to the BON

  1. I love nurse attorney's. I hired 2 nurse attorney's. One went to the BON with me. I received a DUI and my nurse attorney adviced me what to do before I went in front of the board. The board thanked me for being so honest and cleared my RN license. I live in Indiana and the board is very strict. Please disclose and hire a nurse attorney. I purchased the protection for $200 before I disclosed. This nurse attorney would have cost me over $2000 if I would have hired them outright. Further, if you do not take an attorney and the BON places your RN license on "probation" it will ALWAYS show up as an "Action" or "Previous Action". Every nurse the day I went before the board who were not represented got probation. Ouch. If you live in Indiana use this association. They are wonderful. I can sleep at night knowing my license was cleared because of my attorney. This is a testimony because I love "nurse attorney's.
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