prior convitions and applying for NCLEX

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    I just applied to take the boards and I am so worried because I have a criminal record. I know the BRN handles things case by case. I am just wondering if anyone has had a prior conviction involving narcotics and or recieving stolen property and been able to take the boards. My convictions are over 10 years ago. I have been a steller student and provided many letters of recommendation and had my cases expunged. I am so anxious right now as my lively hood depends on this.

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    moved to our nursing licensure with a criminal history forum--- previous osters have received a license...take a look around. kudos to your hard work.
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    I would encourage you to read this tread...
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    I sent you a friend request. I'm not sure if you still come on here and check your account but I would like some info on the organization that helped you with your situation. Thank you

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