no conviction DWI effects on MO license

  1. I graduate in 2014 with my BSN I have been a practicing chiropractor for 4 years. I am filling out my application and it requires me to get case records and give explanations for any offense I was charged for even if I wasn't convicted. I got a DWI dismissed in 2001, DWI in 2002 S.I.S, Minor in possession of alcohol in 1999 and and shoplifting charge in 1999. All of these charges have either been dismissed or received a S.I.S suspended imposition of sentence which means after probation it is no longer a conviction. But the background test all these will show up. Has anyone had to have the board decide on there arrest record before in MO? If so what were the charges and what was the outcome. Thank you
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  3. by   MiaNursingStudent
    I would disclose EVERYTHING. I'm not from Mo but IMO, it's better to have overly explained a situation than not explain a situation and have it come up later bc nobody likes a liar. I think that our BON application stated to explain any arrests- even if the cases were dismissed. So I'm not sure how it's worded there. You could call and ask your BON anonymously.