NJ Nursing w/ criminal hx

  1. Any nurses from NJ wth criminal hx and approved or denied from the NJ BON? I'm waiting for my licensure with a disorderly persons charge. Just wondering how many nurses have been approved for licensure in NJ and how long was the process.
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  3. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    It depends what the disposition of the offense was. Was it ACD'ed and/or sealed ? That make a difference. The problem occurs when they run your name thru the national database and they find that you have a number. That is usually investigated further because you can have no criminal history but have a number in the database because you were finger printed for your license or anything else that requires you to have your finger prints taken. If the charges were ACD and the record was sealed then it cannot be seen but technically you have to state it on an application (read the fine print) If trying to go into the Military, they will find that out so there is no sense is lying about it.
  4. by   xojessicalynnxo25
    did you ever get your nursing lisence? Did they make you do RAMP? I am in the same situation right now and I'm so nervous