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  1. 0 Where can I applyfor a nursing job with a misdemeanor from last year on my record, I need to wait 2 years before I can get it expunged.
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    I have a misdemeanor for shoplifting last year which I regret. Kept on going to interviews and praying alot. Nice nursing agency in wall township n j.
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    Hello did the nj bon give you a hard time to get your licensure? Going through the same siutation. Any insight will be helpful.
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    OP: all you can do is apply everywhere and anywhere that you can. Be prepared to address the misdemeanor and explain how you have learned/grew from it...then hope for the best.

    I'd talk to the lawyer about expunging as soon as you are able to, as that will help with future job searches.
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    I got probation for two years from the BON. I am not permitted to do do homecare. I can then ask the BON after the two years for permission to go back to it again. I am going to write a letter to them and basically beg to be able to do homecare because I love to work on Hospi cases.