Indiana Board of Nursing

  1. Just a warning about the Indiana State Board of Nursing. They are demnding documents from the 1980's for a TEMPORARY RN license. 5 weeks and several hundred dollars not to mention chasing around getting documents notarized multiple times, dealing with verification. One state reequests Indiana fax them for direct verification to cut down on the turnaround time. Indiana says under no circumstances would they help by simply sending a fax. When you think you are almost done there is another 2 weeks. You will need to send documents regarding minor misdeamers that occurred decades ago, NOT for felonies. This process has been impossible and so expensive. Make sure you have a lot of money in your checking account before you try to get even a TEMPORARY license in Indiana. Attitudes, ridiculous.
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  3. by   Bearwhisperer
    Would you kindly elaborate your story for me? I don't understand what you are asking, or saying and am very interested in this. You're trying to get a temp license from the 80's....?