heeeellppp still waiting for my 3 person board review!!!

  1. i took my nclex lpn in july and received the letter stating that i have to submitt court papers for my misdemeanor from 2006 .... after i finally got all the papers and had my 1 on 1 interview with my sr investigator sept 7 i was told the last step is to wait for a date for my final review ... now for the drama during the week of my interview with the sr investigator i was informed they were moving to another building in brooklyn ny after waitin 5 weeks i finally called albany the headquarters and got the new telephone number and when i called they told me there will be no meetings in october and that i should call at the end of the month and there might be a date for november.... my question is how often do they have these meetings? and how long am i suppose to wait for this im more than ready to start my career? and what usually happens in these meetings? please help anybody with info thank you!!!
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