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Getting job as a new graduate

  1. 0 Well Hi everybody!So I'm graduating from a bsn english nursing program on may on an university in Puerto Rico. I will pass my nclex on march since I'm very prepared with all kind of programs my college has (Kaplan, etc etc etc).I was wondering how hard is to find a job on the states specially on San Diego, CA.I'm bilingualI have 4 years as an emergency room US Navy corpsman for which I'm officially a veteran. A corpsman basically does an RN job and the real nurse just sign it.I am graduating with high Honors (Magna Cum Laude)I only have 1 felony nothing mayor just a reckless driving for speed... They just fined me with 1000 bucksI'm just really scared of how is going to be this new chapter on my life and I want to get the right job so I don't have to be jumping from hospital to hospital.thank you all for your timeI will like to have a job in a jail, the border, or a federal hospital but I will work anywhere since I'm pretty broke. You know I put all my money on this dream of becoming a nurse
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