expunged DUI & and moving to MI

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    i am going to finish school in may in PA. I have an expunged DUI from 2010 and know, based on PA SBON, that i am able to sit for the boards. HOWEVER... my husband just got a job in Detroit. I don't know if I should sit for the NCLEX in PA and then apply for the it in MI. OR, should I take the NCLEX in MI??

    Has anyone ever had to deal with this in MI?

    I looked into this before begining school in PA but didn't think we would be moving and am heart sick over the idea of the "unknown". I have looked on "LARA" but it gives no distinction, or variations, on anything. I have had my FBI run and there is no "RAP" sheet on me..... Im simply at a loss. anyone been in any similiar situations??

    Please help
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    i dealt with this in s.c , i had a trespassing charge and when i applied for lic in az they would not issue them so i had it expunged, once its been granted it cant be found by the states because its taken outta the national database, when i moved back to s.c and reapplied for lic they couldnt find it, state board said its gone and only can be found by fbi , cia those kind of agencies , hope this helps
    good luck

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