Declaratory Order Success! Starting school next week!!! A couple dire questions

  1. Hey so I have just finally, after over a year of work and setting up a job because I was going to have to wait... convinced someone inside the board of hurry my documentation along and my place in the class of this fall has been secured and orientation starts next week!!!!. Starting at that job in 2 hours haha.

    HOWEVER, one of my restrictions is that I can't work in other states without texas board's express permission... now this is really important because moving is important. Does anyone body know about the procedure, or if i will pretty much be grounded to my state?
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  3. by   seth1980
    I am going through a chemical dependency evaluation on Tuesday. I have 6 weeks to get it into the board and receive confirmation from them that I'm ok. They were going to send me a proposed eligibility order, but the lawyer wouldn't sign off on it until I do the evaluation. I would love to know how you got them to speed your file through in order for you to start school. My classes are starting on the 22nd of Jan. This is the 3rd time I've been supposed to start but haven't gotten to because of delays on the BON's side. Do you think there's hope?