Criminal offense as a minor: Can I still be an RN?

  1. has anyone been successful in obtaining their rn license and finding a job (specifically for the state of ca) with a juvenile criminal offense on his/her record? or has anyone been denied either licensure or employment because of this offense as a minor? if your answer is yes to either of these what's your story?

    my story: i am 30 years old and looking into transitioning into the nursing field (rn, dnp). however, i have a blemish on my record. at 14 years old, i was arrested for curfew violation and possession of alcohol (not influence of alcohol). i attended a 1-day behavioral course and paid a fine. i'm concerned this will affect my chances of obtaining an rn license or adversely affect my opportunities for employment as an rn.

    i know the best route to take is contacting the bon for ca... but i'm curious if anyone has been in my situation and is now a practicing rn. i'd love to hear your story.

    thanks for sharing and any advice!:d
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  3. by   kryvn10
    You offense was a juvenile offense and if you haven't been in ANY trouble since then you should be totally fine. When you take your boards have certified court documents ready and letters of recommendation ready. Good luck, you have chosen a great career.