Can I still work as an Lpn? Can I still work as an Lpn? | allnurses

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Can I still work as an Lpn?

  1. 0 I have a new felony for grand larceny. I am an Lpn with over 10 years experience will I be able to keep my license and what steps do I have to keep my license? How do I write a letter to the board? I was with a friend who told me she forgot her wallet at home and asked me to pay, what I didn't know was she switched the tags and I got charged. What do I do? Need advice. Please Help. Thanks
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    Contact your local BON and follow their advice and guidance.
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    You should be able to.. Be honest ok !! I know a lot of criminals in the Nursing field you would be surprised at your fellow peers you work with and their backgrounds!!