can i get passed by the state of mo with a theft-felony that has been dismissed?

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    Hello everybody. I have sent an email asking the BON of MO if i would be considered after taking and finishing all of my requirements. Here is my situation i was arrested in 2006 for a theft felony but it was dismissed but is on my FBI files. With this on my record can i get an RN licenses? The BON will not tell me or even suggest anything i can do. I dont want to pay tons of money to do my clinicals just to find out they wont pass me. I also read on herre and some one said it might be Crimes subject to a time-limited bar. Please help me i have wanted this for so long and now find out that this might be the end of the road. I was supposed to start clinicals next yr. thanks for you help
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    These are just questions we can't answer. The board of nursing handles cases individually and many factors are considered. We wish you the best.