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  1. 0 Hello! I just found out I was accepted into the nursing program I had applied to, and am super excited! I'm a little worried though, because I had a PI in 2008, but my fingerprint background check came back clear. I'm not sure what to do at this point? I have to have clearance from the TX board to start the program, which I have! The PI didn't come back on the background check.

    Does anyone know if I should go ahead and send in a declaratory order anyway?

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    What is a PI?
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    Quote from hopeful2015
    What is a PI?
    I 'm guessing public intoxication.
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    My guess is that a PI, if it is a public intox, is the TX equivalent of what would be called a minor misdemeanor in Ohio, meaning it's a violation as opposed to a crime. In Ohio, that would be something like disorderly conduct -- a ticket for a violation not a criminal offense.
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    Sorry yes, public intoxication!

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