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application denied because of past criminal history

  1. 0 I just graduated in May near the top of my class with an associates in nursing. I have a 4th degree sexual assault from over 10 years ago that got expunged. I have 2 dui's from over 4 years ago. I competed a rehab treatment program in 2010 and have been sober. I just found out that my application was denied. Has anybody had this? I plan in appealing but what are my chances??? Thanks.
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    And I forgot to mention i'm from Wisconsin.

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    I hope you have an experienced lawyer for the appeal process. If not I would highly suggest to get one.
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    I am wondering if you asked your state board of nursing about this, before you invested in 2 years of school. Did they explain why you were denied?
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    that is the worst, I hope that you are appealing and get a license (even if its with diversion or probation?)