Appealing the VRP

  1. I just graduated Villanova Nursing school in Aug 2011 and have been enrolled in the VRP for 4 months now b/c of DUI's in '03 (ARD) and '07 in PA. I was wondering if anybody has appealed VRP while under contract? If so, how did it go and where you successful?

    Since '07 was my second DUI I had mandatory urine test for 2 years and passed every one and also passed every one in the VRP program as well. I have been doing everything I was told to do on the contract and handed documents in when they needed to be. I also just started my first RN job this past week and already passed another drug test.

    I haven't been in trouble for 5 years and kinda sick and tired of all this BS. since my last DUI I have graduated nursing school, worked full-time as an RN, bought a house, had a beautiful son and gotten married. Just wondering if anybody thinks I have a shot of the PHMP releasing me of the contract.
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