Thank You Note If you go from PRN to Full Time?

  1. Hey Fellow Nurses,

    I am a new grad nurse and I've been working at my facility about 2 mths now. I was hired PRN and was told that I could apply for full time after orientation. I applied last week for a full time position and met with the DON today. I was offered the postion but nothing official yet since she still needs to talk to HR. I know its not official until I get it in writing but I feel good about it. Question though is, should I send her a thank you note? Even though I was hired PRN, I have been working full time hours ever since so the only thing that really changes is I get benefits and PTO.
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  3. by   Claraflora
    A good rule of thumb...if you ever think you should say thank you, with a note or otherwise, you probably should. It can never hurt!
  4. by   amoLucia
    Ditto to the comment above.