Please Help!! Moving to Louisiana - 90 day work permit? Resume help??

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    I am an RN with one year experience on a Med Surg floor and am moving to the state of Louisiana. I'm in the process of filling out my application for a license in Louisiana and have concerns about the 90 day work permit.

    Is it required to have a job lined up to apply for a 90 day permit?

    If I don't have one lined up yet can I fill one out later if I do?

    Also for my resume:

    Should I list my current address (which is in Ohio) or the address I'm moving to in February?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Here is the instructions to apply for endorsement in Louisiana:

    1. You have to apply for a temp permit when you apply for licensure.

    2. To be eligible for a temp permit, you must already have a job offer and have Louisiana residency.

    3. If not applying for a temp permit, it shouldn't matter what address you use. You can always change it.

    It is possible that any of my info is wrong, so you should call the board.

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