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Online application versus in person application

  1. 0 I am just dying to get out of my current work place, and have been applying to many different places online. I'm just curious if anyone knows if hospitals even take paper applications anymore. I live in Massachusetts and many of the hospitals in the past have said to apply online, and not bother coming in. Just wondering if anyone has any insight into this
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    In the year I was job searching, the answer is no. Some may have you fax your resume to their HR department but it's mostly all online. If you get called for an interview you may fill out a paper application which will be kept with your applicant file. If you don't get that job you can keep applying and they'll pull that one application for a set time frame.
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    Some may take resumes handed to the department manager, but they still have to apply the traditional method so HR can look at the resume.