Nursing home to hospital path

  1. Does taking a first job as a nurse at a nursing home decrease you future chances of getting into a hospital position? Has anyone done this successfully or do hospital shy away from ppl who only have nursing home experience. Say you work for a year and then apply.
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  3. by   St_Claire
    My friend was told by the hospital to get a job doing any nursing job she could find for one year then re-apply. She did and just landed an RN position at our big hospital on the transplant team. You just need to have that year behind you.
  4. by   HippyDippyLPN
    I wouldn't think sox my BFf is an RN in med surg and I am a Lpn that occasionally works on a LTC rehab unit... she tells me a lot of my patients sounds the same care level as hers except I have 30 and she has 8 so I would think it would help you get in hospital and it will seem much easier than LTC lol. She is in a rural hospital though so not sure what kinda patients they get. We get lung drains, wound vacs, g tubes, trachs...we just do not do vents.