Looking for non-hospital position as RN.

  1. I have been working in the hospital setting for over 15 years, now I am just recovering from Breast Cancer surgery and treatments, and I am doing very well.

    I want to go back to work but I do not think I can work on the floor as I have done in the past, the heavy lifting, the stress...

    At this time, I feel I have something to offer, not only as nurse who can dole out the pills, etc, but from all my experiences with patients' and now from my own experience as a patient.

    Does anyone have any ideas of new horizons I might look in to?

    I am a AD RN, so some doors are not open to me. Thank you.
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  3. by   BSNbeauty
    Try apply at a doctors office, school nursing ( I do this PRN), telephonic nursing, there are many options for ADN in my area. I live in MD.
    So glad you beat cancer. You are so blessed!
  4. by   nursebetty45
    Thank you for the support! Do you just look in the paper/classified? or do you hsve any other sources? Thanks! I really want to work! NB