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Input on Jacksonville hospitals?

  1. 0 In 5 short months my family will be relocating to Ponte Vedra FL. I've been looking around at the different job openings at different facilities, but was hoping to get a little insight on the better places to work as well as pay. I work MICU nights and make $37.50/hr here in AZ. Not sure how comparable the wages are there? ANY info I would really appreciate! Thanks a ton!
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    Looks like you have experience which is wonderful. It's impossible to get a job here without it. I'm a new grad and I can't find anything in a hospital. The hospitals here are almost all Magnet which is good. From what I can tell starting pay is anywhere from $23-25ish with a shift diff of 4-6 dollars? I have talked with some of the nurses at the hospital I volunteer at (St. Vincent's riverside) and that's pretty much base pay so with more experience you could expect more than that I would think... just guessing though. I wish I had a concrete answer for you I love it here but wish I could find something! Good luck!