I bet you didn't apply here.

  1. Here's a job source I wasn't familiar with. Could be interesting for those willing to relocate. http://www.civilianmedicaljobs.com/?id=1
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  3. by   boricualuv4ever
    Awe bummers. I was hoping for an RN position in NY haha. thanks for the site!!
  4. by   zacarias
    Wow I saw the website, very cool. My question is, for those jobs do you have to have a license in the specific state you will work or is it like other military nursing jobs where you can work with any state license?
  5. by   L&D<3
    I did! I applied to several open RN positions and I was denied for each one... They don't all state requirements for experience so I applied to 10 + without regard to locations because I will go ANYWHERE for my first RN job. But alas, there you go...