How to get a hospital job with no hospital experience???

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    Does anyone have any advice for a CNA, pre-RN student looking for a job in a hospital setting? I'm currently a CNA in a Rehab/Nursing Home and I have been trying to break into the hospital arena. ALL hospital CNA/Admin Staff...ect. all REQUIRE previous hospital experience!
    I started volunteering in the ED at a local BayCare hospital and I love it! I thought it could also open some doors but so far, not so much! I'm not considered a "Team Member" as a volunteer.
    It's frustrating. How can one get a job in a hospital when they all want previous "hospital experience"? I've been turned down by at least 15 hospital CNA jobs in the past 3 months. And I know the reason is that I do not have any "hospital" experience.
    Lost in nursing home limbo. Please advise...

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