Finding a job in California

  1. I currently live in Indiana and plan on relocating to southern CA when I find a job. I have over 30 years of experience, primarily OR. I have applied to numerous hospitals and surgery centers with very little feedback. Any suggestions? Has anyone used a recruiter to help with permanent employment?
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  3. by   13grad71
    Unfortunately a lot of hospitals pass on RNs with 30 years experience. That is due to age and higher pay. At least that is what I was told quietly by my friend who works in HR. Sucks
  4. by   laurasuern
    That does suck!
  5. by   Blue Belle
    Laurasuern, did you find a job? I may know of one in southern California, email me at
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  6. by   ShirGa
    Laurasuern , are you still trying to find a job? Email me at