ER RN looking for Dialysis Training that pays!

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    Does anyone know where a 20 yrs plus experience RN can go for dialysis training in Florida? DaVita says they do in their ads but there is no one to talk to at DaVita. I even wrote "The Educator" for DaVita and never heard back! I really would like to become a Dialysis Nurse. Tired of the web sites not helping;-(

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    Can you receive pm?
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    Can you help me with this concern?
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    Any luck finding a program??? I am also looking to get into dialysis and am having no luck.
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    Nope! It seems experienced nurses who want to change venues into an area like dialysis have to "know someone" just to have a door open.
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    Dialysis is an awesome field. I wish you the best.
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    It seems like that is then only way to get in... Getting discourage but I will not give up!!! Good luck to you too!

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