Critical nurse shortage/hrsa scholarship

  1. Just recently accepted the hrsa scholarship. Part of the program is that I must work for two years in a critical nurse shortage hospital upon graduation. I am from Ohio and am completely fine with relocating after I graduate next year but have no idea what to expect. I can't find a listing online of critical nurse shortage hospitals and was wondering if anyone had some info/advice? Hrsa simply says to ask hospitals when I go on interviews to see if they fit into the qualifications. This seems weird to me. Wouldn't it be easier to apply to places that I know are critically staffed? Anyway thanks for the help!
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  3. by   socialworknurse
    I believe this is what you are looking for...
    ongrats on your scholarship
  4. by   dannigrace17
    Thanks so much! I just have to figure out what all the codes mean lol. I accepted a pcna position at the Cleveland clinic and am hoping I might be able to stay there once I graduate.
  5. by   elprup
    Basically any not for profit. Yes's would be Veterans Admin, Indian Health, not for profit hospitals, federally funded clinics, usually anything very rural, public health nurse jobs and school nurse jobs.No's would be for profit LTC, Dr's offices, for profit hospitals and clinics. I hope the economy picks up before you graduate because it has been really tough finding any job, let alone make sure it meets my HRSA requirements. I sent a list of names to places around me before I set out looking, because applying and then having HRSA say nope, is really frustrating. Oh, and do not ever tell them you were offerred a Per Diem position. They will not accept that either. Better to just take the job and have employer put hours you are working. And in the event you cannot locate employment you have to forward who you are applying to and all denial letters you get to get a 30 day extention. The scholarship was a godsend for me during school, but finding a position to satisfy them in this job market has been tough. Network all you can in school! Good luck!
  6. by   KelRN215
    I can pretty much guarantee that the Cleveland Clinic is not an HPSA. It's a huge, nationally ranked medical center... they're certainly not struggling for applicants.

    And not any not-for-profit is going to count. The majority of hospitals in the US are "not-for-profit". This just means that any profit that they do make has to be reinvested in the institution. I live in a major city with MANY major academic medical centers... every single one of them is "not-for-profit" and NONE of them are considered to be "health professional shortage areas". The only "shortage areas" in the city are community health centers in the poor sections of the city and healthcare for the homeless programs.