Any advice for a recent grad with skilled nursing center experience?

  1. I am a recent grad (graduated January 2012) with an ADN. I have been working at a skilled nursing center for 1 year. I would really like to transition to a hospital, but I am having trouble finding jobs, as all the positions require at least one year of hospital experience. The skilled nursing facility I work at is good experience, as it is pretty high acuity, with trachs, gtubes, wound vacs, IVs, ect. Any advice for me? Anyone know of a hospital in the DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia area that has a shortage that would hire me? I know that a lot of hospitals in Maryland and DC do not need new grads right now, so I am willing to locate further into Virginia if need be. I also would like to get my BSN, but I want to get a job that will reimburse me for it, which the skilled nursing facility will not do.
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    I have had some friends transition from LTC to LtAC (select speciality is the big one around here) in hopes of getting into acute care hospitals soon.