Which parts of the U.S. need new grads the most?

  1. Hi everyone! I got my RN license a few months ago, and graduated a couple of months before that. My state (California) is extremely impacted and I have had difficulty even landing an interview despite attending job fairs, walking in to the hospital, and having extensive volunteer experience + an externship.

    I'm starting to look at relocating, and have heard about North Dakota and parts of more rural Texas tend to hire new grads frequently. However, not sure how accurate this is now because most topics I could find discussing this are at least a couple years old, and this could have changed.

    Are there any states/locations in particular that are less impacted with new grad nurses and are likely to hire?
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  3. by   estellebb
    I work at Altru, in Grand Forks, North Dakota - They do hire new grad RNs!