Which floor is best to start on after graduation? Which floor is best to start on after graduation? | allnurses

Which floor is best to start on after graduation?

  1. 0 I work as a tech on a surgical floor. There are lots of drains, tubes, wounds, feedings, etc.. plus a lot of work to do pre/post surgically, like bowel preps, ambulation, IS, etc.. I like the floor okay and the staff is great! But it is a very difficult floor to work on, difficult days. I know I would learn a lot by staying on as a nurse, maybe more than any other floor. I have done a few clinicals and my Capstone clinical on the Organ Transplant Unit.. I am in love with it! I am very intrigued by the whole process and care of organ transplant patients. I have learned a lot about organ transplant and have really enjoyed it. It is also a med/surg type of floor. I emailed both managers and both seem interested in me, probable job placement for me on either unit. I'm just not sure which way to go! My end goal is to go to grad school and be a nurse practitioner. Which floor do you think I should go on? I'll learn basic med surg either floor, but I'll definitely learn more on the surgical floor. I just know I'll enjoy transplant so much more!
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    Transplant. More intensive. However, better make sure they both truly want you before declining anything!

    Transplant will have a harder learning curve, but with your background you can handle it.
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    Thanks! Do you think it will get me the experience I will need to go on in school for nurse practitioner?
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    Yes. I think it would.
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    First off, you have to do what you truely love. Know what you really want to do and stick w/ it. Both look like they will give you enough experience for your nurse practitioner. Good luck