Terminated from office job two years ago, trouble getting interviews :(

  1. Terminated for performance at previous job. How can I still get interviews?

    Two years ago I was terminated from an office job. I'm in my last term of nursing school and applying at various hospitals; undoubtedly I have to mark "yes" I was terminated from my last job and I think it is preventing me from getting considered. It seems almost every article addresses explaining termination in an interview and with the angle of explaining a "down-sizing" or something like that. In my case, I was Terminated because I failed to meet the requirements of a two-month performance improvement plan (this is what I put where I have to explain). I wonder if I am giving too much info? How can I spin this so that I can at least get considered for an interview? Is there no way to convey the changes I have made to improve since then (in the application phase)? I think I can present myself well in an interview, but the application keeps locking me out...

    Thank you!
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