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  1. Hi everyone,

    I currently have my BSN and graduated in May. I have been working as a nursing assistant for one year now and am having trouble with finding a new job in NYC as a RN. I have submitted many applications to various hospitals around the city, but was only called for an interview to one position. I accepted a job at a clinic as a RN for now. Does any body have any suggestions as to how I should move forward, or how they were hired in NYC hospitals after graduation? -Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Hi, I am in NYC and currently ONLY a pre-nursing student. However, I know for the fact that NYC is a very competitive place for RNs, even with BSN degrees. Granted, it is the best option to get a job here in NYC, I would suggest that you broaden your options. If you are single and have no kids, you can consider relocating. Also, I do not know to which positions you have applied, as a new grad I would advise that you apply to ALL RN positions, irregardless if you like the position or not. For example, if you like kids and only apply to peds, you may be limiting yourself in the job search. Once you get a job, and let's say, it is in a not so great area, or hospital has bad reputation, whatever - just try to survive a year or so so you can gain that experience. Then, you can go and look for other RN jobs. Just my two cents.
  4. by   amoLucia
    A wise one, oh FurtureNurseInfo!

    OP - You've got a start having secured that clinic position. All nsg positions bring opportunities for learning. Congrats to you. Work on learning everything you can, develop good networking contacts, snag shining work performance evals and you'll soon have something to post in that "Nursing Experience" section on your resume.

    And just to comment, it's NOT unusual for initial job searches to take significantly longer than just a few months. Esp in NYC. If you're close enough to either, Connecticut and/or New Jersey are possibilities, although they have similar issues. An experienced nurse enters any job search with better leveraging power.

    Good luck to you.
  5. by   Swellz
    Scranton, PA. They need nurses, not that far from NYC, rent is way cheaper. It's not a very exciting place, but I'm betting you can negotiate a relocation bonus to work at one of the hospitals there. Get a year or two under your belt and try again as an experienced RN to get a job in NYC.
  6. by   StocktonNurse
    Yeah if the market out there is that competitive you may have to either commute to the next town over or relocate for at least 1-2 years. If you are want to enter those hospitals in the NYC area you may have to put in time at another hospital in a relocated area, and get some strong med-surg experience. Sounds like it's just as bad over there on the east coast as it is out here on the west coast near San Francisco.

    Don't forget to network network network. You never know if someone you know or bump into might know someone at those hospitals that you are applying too.
  7. by   Mary Foster
    Hi, I just Got a job offer from borozoro, have you heard about that website ? I was just wondering if anyone here knows about it and if its a legit thing
  8. by   newycRN
    I also just graduated with my BSN in May and was hired at NYU Langone in August. My biggest piece of advice is to network. Is there anyone from your clinical that you can contact? I'm sure you had clinical at several hospitals in the city. Going back to the floor you were on and asking to speak with the nurse manager (or if you remember a nurse there, even better) is a good step. Introduce yourself, say you had clinical there and would like to work there because you loved it and ask if they have any pointers. Drop your resume with the nurse manager when you introduce yourself. I know that putting yourself out there is scary and can be embarrassing, but it's tough in NYC for new grads so you really want to take advantage of any face-to-face connection you can get.
    You said you are a nurse assistant. Is this at a hospital? Can you speak to someone there about an RN position?
    Good luck, and keep searching! It's only been a few months, don't be discouraged.