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No previous work experience resume help

  1. 0 I am graduating in december and need help writing my resume. Work wise I have been a waitress since i was 15 and have worked at the same place for the last 6 years, a coney island. I'm thinking great customer service is a great part my job experience plus prioritizing, multitasking things like that. But how do i fit that in my resume??? Help please
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    Try googling resume help. It will give you more words to make it sound more to how it applies to nursing. Only bad thing is that I'm in the same boat and a recruiter told me that the ONLY good thing they see is that you're loyal by stating the amount of time you have with your current job, but it is a MAJOR set back because you have no "real" experience (like clinicals weren't enough.. -______-).
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    Yes, very good advice from the previous poster. Word things in ways that present your previous experiences relevant to nursing. For example, I wrote, " delegated employees to appropriate areas and tasks of the store."
    Hopefully this gives you some ideas....?
    Good luck!