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  1. 22 I just wanted to put a positive word out there - that it IS POSSIBLE to get a nursing position in 2012.

    I was worried sick after hearing all the horror stories regarding new grad nurses and this economy.. and then terrified when I finally graduated and got word that the hospital where I've been working for the last 5 years (in a non-clinical position, I didn't move to a PCT position because I love my boss, she made it possible to go back to school) had just entered a hiring freeze. I started calling around to nurse recruiters in the area (Im in Chicago btw)... but was constantly told the same thing, "call us back when you have your license in hand".... and to top it all off, many hospitals in my area have Magnet status and are only interested in BSNs (including my own, I graduated with an ADN) ...so after months of worrying... the hiring freeze is starting to let up, my awesome boss put in a good word for me with a Nurse Manager in the area I'm interested in (Women's Health/Perinatal)... I interviewed with our hospital's nurse recruiter (who previously told me they hire new grads with PCT experience first).. and Nurse Manager last week and I found out yesterday that I got the JOB!!!

    So New Grads don't give up hope!! I, the atypical nursing student, single mom with the BS in biology, ADN in Nursing instead of a BSN, interested in a "difficult field" to get in to, working in a non-clinical position with no clinical experience outside of school, working at a Magnet hospital in the middle of a hiring freeze, got my dream job... I graduated in February, Passed boards beginning of May and got the job yesterday.

    I believe I did it with a lot of prayer and faith.. but also because I kept trying despite everything that seemed to be against me... God is Great!!

    Good Luck to you!!!
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    GOD bless you. yes i pray too. it takes alot of faith... congratz
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    Do you mind giving information on the type of hospital in chicago illinois? I heard the same thing about hospitals not hiring as well..
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    And that's all you need. FAITH. and PRAYER. The world is yours if you believe it is. I truly believe that. Congratulations. I just got accepted to nursing school after BSing with my life for so long, and believe me when I tell I did it with hard studying, and FAITH. You have to be positive even when it hurts!!
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    Good for you!! Best of luck in your new job!
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    thanks for the advice and we pray and hope that all things would definetly worketh for good 2 them that believe
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    Thank You All!! I've very excited to get started!!!
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    Aongroup1990 I got your message but I guess I haven't been an active user long enough because my reply to you disappeared...

    but to answer your questions, I'm a RN (as of two weeks ago ...I live in Chicago but my hospital is in a north burb just outside of the city.. Ive work here for five years after getting my bachelors.. my position has nothing to do with my undergradate degree but it allowed me to network... In addition to my boss putting in the good word, over the years I got to know (and in some cases helped) nurses in various positions in the hospital so when the time came they had nothing but good things to say about me!! I give the glory to God but I always believe that God does for those who do for themselves so I worked my butt off, helped anyone who asked.. went above and beyond my position.. and it paid off!! People aren't lying when they say its about who you know.. I'm qualified for my next position but being noticied for the work I do/did definitely helped..

    A couple of classmates of mine worked as patient care techs in a Chicago hospital where some of our clinicals took place... after graduation they were moved into nurse extern positions and began orientation... after passing boards they're moved into FT RN positions...

    so pray, keep your faith and NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!
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    StephMomandRN yes, I am in indiana that's the only difference.... just private message me when you get the chance... I do believe networking helps getting to know alot of people in your enviornment. Prayer is good too but working for it helps along with that.. I am still currently trying to find rn externships/internships... at the moment.. I'm doing alot of research as well..
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    Congrats! I got an offer today. I wish I was in Chicago. Born and raised there. NW burbs.
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    Congratss! God is great!!!
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