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Graduate nurse without job...Advice Please!!!

  1. 1 I graduated in May 2011 and have applied everywhere for a job. I have started applying to nursing homes but its still difficult to get a call back. I live in NJ and hospitals are just not hiring grad nurses. Does anyone work in any hospitals in NJ that know if they are willing to take on a new grad. Its been more than 7 months and its depressing that I still don't have a job :-(
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    This is just how it is today. Discard all the hype and dreams of finding a job right away as your might have been told. Finding a nursing job is as challenging as any other carer out there. There are however a better potential and advantages of being in the health care field. When they do need you they really do. The nursing job market is tight right but another characteristic of this market is the instability and volatility. Things can change on a dime as you can look back at 2008 when jobs disappeared in about 3 months. Keep your focus and be relentless.
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    i am from NJ too. new grad RN jobs at a hospital are hard to come by, but they're out there. what part of NJ are you from? i just landed an interview at CentraState in Freehold for a new grad position, as well as Warren Hospital out in Phillipsburg. I went to an interview last month at jersey shore medical for one too but didnt get the job. my friend landed a job at Atlanticare in AC.

    so they're out there, just search hard. for the most part, it's really only the hospitals in the southern part of NJ.
    every day make sure you're getting out as many apps as possible. even for ones that arent for new graduates. my best suggestion would be to keep an eye out for Warren Hospital. not sure how far that is from you (about an hour drive for me), but they just got bought out by St. Lukes on 2/1/12. so they're probably gonna be hiring a lot more (one of the reasons why i think i landed an interview).

    nursing homes and stuff are hit or miss here in NJ. they dont come as easily as people may think. just gotta get lucky i guess. keep your search up though. find out how far you're willing to travel and search the radius of all hospitals and nursing homes. if you have relatives that you might be able to stay with that dont live around you, go crash at their house. and search your driving radius from their location.

    The more places the better! oh yeah, and have a super duper duper good cover letter and resume.
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    There are jobs out there for new grads as well... It all depends on your flexibility and don't be too pickyI am anew grad as well and just got a job in a teaching hospital here in NJWhat part of jersey do you live in?
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    thank you everyone for the comments. i live in central jersey close to centrastate. i have been applying everywhere even if its not for new grads but i think its because i have no experience. thank you dumplins i will apply to warren hospital my sister actually lives close by there so i would be able to stay with her. i am gonna keep applying and keeping my head up thinking positive.
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    I remember when all this started back in 2008. All the experts in Nursing stated this was a temporary situation with new graduates having difficulty finding work. Here we are in 2012 and new grads are still struggling to find a job.

    Nursing shortage is over.....

    Reality being If you wait long enough you can eventually find that med surg nights 8-1 patient ratio job with no CNA help job from hell to give you enough experience to move on.

    Welcome to Nursing
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    When some of the more experienced nurses start retiring jobs will begin opening up. It's not exactly a good time to retire ...thus, no new jobs opening up. So have hope...our day will come.
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    Apply to the state.
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    Any updates on where the jobs are at? I started applying last week. So far 2 interviews, one part time at a hospital scheduled for next week, one at a nursing home (going for the second one). I am endorsing to NY so I can expand my search radius, I am willing to travel. I will do whatever it takes to get that year experience to become more qualified. I was an LPN before becoming an RN and that seemed to help a bit. Good Luck to everybody out there, we just have to be patient and knock on the right door