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Alternative nursing positions

  1. 2 I am a nursing student graduating this December. The job market in my area is very competitive. I am wondering what are some alternatives to hospitals, nursing homes, home health, assisted living and, the health department? I'm not eliminating those from my job hunt, just wondering who else hires nurses so I can have all my avenues in check.
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    Please note that not all of these are new grad-friendly in that they may require experience. Still, you never know unless you try...

    School nursing
    Camp nursing (though it's seasonal work)
    Correctional nursing (prisons, jails)
    Psych nursing (most of it occurs in hospitals, yet no one ever considers it hospital nursing)
    Medical practice/clinic offices
    Urgent care centers
    Same-day/outpatient surgery
    LTAC (long-term acute care)
    Rehab nursing
    Sales/marketing (yes, there are RN jobs in this area)
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    Private duty.
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    Flu shot clinics - though seasonal they pay well
    The VA (
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    company nurse
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    Infusion therapy (can work in a variety of settings)
    Infection control (ditto. Especially if you work at Vanderbilt--their idea of IC is nurses scrubbing toilets)
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    Home Health is no place for a new grad because you are out in the field functioning by yourself with no safety net of support. You should have some nursing experience preferably acute care prior to Home Health nursing.
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    Case management for Insurance companies
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    occpuational nursing
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    Always keep your options open and especially for a new grad you have to be flexible with the shifts, if they say only nights or evenings are available take it if it will help you gain some vital experience
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    blood banks
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    Informatics (good choice if you're nifty at computers, can work in a variety of settings)

    Nursing research (though they REALLY prefer you have experience...and more than a BSN)
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    Quote from LPN2BSNRN
    Case management for Insurance companies
    Really ? My company requires a boatload of experience.